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Puppy applications are open! If all litter reservations are full at the time you fill out the application, you will be emailed when spots become available for reservation.

Click HERE to fill out the adoption application!

Please note: Breeder reserves the right to switch Sires as needed at any time.

~ New Mama ~

Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodle

Born: 06-18-2022

Color: Tri-colored chocolate phantom

Coat: fleece (straight)

Estimated size: 25lbs

Health Clearance: Health Clearance:

PPG DNA profile

PPG disease panel clear

furnishings: IC clear

OFA eye normal

OFA cardiac normal

OFA patella normal

OFA hips/elbows good

WALA Registration: WALA00082138

Sire: Jubilee Rupert

Dame: Labradoodles of Montana Zara

~ Future Mama ~

Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodle




Estimated size:

Health Clearance: [Pending: Health Clearance: PPG DNA profile, PPG disease panel, Clear by parentage furnishings, IC, OFA eye, OFA cardiac, OFA patella, ODA hips/elbows]

WALA Registration: Pending



Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodle

Born: January 16, 2022

Color: Red

Coat: Silky wavy fleece

Size: 14" and 17lbs. (Mini)

Health Clearance: DDC DNA profile, Clear by Parentage Furnishings, Clear by Parentage Disease Panel, OFA Eye clear, OFA Cardiac normal, OFA Hip good, OFA Elbow negative

WALA Registration: WALA 00076271

Sire: Ashford Manor Jiminy Cricket

Dame: Fairytale Lane Foxxie Marie

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