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Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if the dog doesn't get pregnant or have enough puppies?

          If the dog fails to get pregnant or the dog doesn't have enough puppies to meet the number of names on the reservation list, then you will have the choice of moving your deposit to a different litter or having your deposit refunded.

What happens if the litter I have a deposit on doesn't produce the color or gender that I want or someone higher up on the reservation list picks the puppy I wanted?

          The most important thing we breed for is their sweet, friendly, and mild temperament; color and gender is a secondary outcome. We do all of our homework by running tests on all of our dogs genetics to try and figure out what the puppies will most likely look like. We list all the possible color outcomes on our website (on the Upcoming Litters page) so that you can make an educated decision on which litter to place your deposit on, however, we don't have any control of what Mother Nature chooses to do. If there isn’t a puppy that looks like what you wanted, you can pull out of line and forfeit your deposit, or choose a puppy that looks a little differently than what you had planned for, but we promise that no matter the color or gender that you will absolutely fall in love and they will have that sweet Australian Labradoodle personality, which is the most important part :) 

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