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We are currently looking for Guardian Families available this Winter. Click HERE if you would like to receive an email when a puppy becomes available for guardian home adoption.

Guardian Home Information

We implemented a guardian home program that would allow us to expand our breeding program while still ensuring that every dog we add to our program receives copious amounts of love and attention. Dogs of all ages (ranging from puppy-adult) are available for adoption for a fraction of the cost. This dog will belong and live with the guardian family. The guardian family is responsible for regular expenses and veterinary care of the dog. Copper Cloud Labradoodles retains the breeding rights for a set amount of years and is responsible for the breeding expenses and health testing necessary for breeding. After the set amount of years is fulfilled, the dog will no longer be used for breeding and will continue to live it's life with the guardian family. 

Dogs that are placed in guardian homes are the "pick of the litter". We anticipate them being able to produce the highest quality puppies. If a puppy placed in a guardian home does not pass the breeding health tests, then the puppy will be neutered or spayed and will remain with the guardian family. There are very strict tests for breeding dogs, so if a puppy does not pass the breeding tests that does not mean that there is anything wrong with the puppy. Guardian homes that adopt one of our adult dogs will have the added benefit of receiving a fully-trained dog.

Females- They will stay with us for about a week during the initial breeding, then she will be returned to you. When she is 1-2 weeks out from her due date, she will come back to live us with so we can properly monitor her progress and get her comfortable in our home. She will stay with us for about 8 weeks after giving birth and then be returned to you.

Males- We will only need to have him for a few days at a time, usually no more than twice a month. We may ask that you take the dog to a vet for collection and shipping of semen. You must be able and willing to coordinate scheduling for either in person breeding or semen collection.

Guardian Home Qualifications

- Must have a physical or invisible fence

- Feed the dog the same food we feed them

- Adhere to breeders advice for basic health care

- Must live within reasonable driving distance of Meridian, Idaho

- Must be willing to purchase and implement Baxter & Bella training program

- Must have a schedule that will not leave the dog alone for long periods of time (no more than 5 hrs)

Most importantly: You must give the dog copious amounts of time, love, and affection! We want our guardian families to give these dogs as much love and attention as we would :)

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our Guardian Home Program.


Chii with his guardian family

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